A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A small simple game I made for the Itch.io Game Off with retro graphics.

The goal is to navigate the submarine through the sea mines, using your sonar to actually see where the mines are. Each sonar ping makes the submarine go faster and faster so it's best to use it as little as possible and try to remember best you can where the mines are.

It's my first time making a game so it's pretty simplistic. Also my first time using Lua and Love2d as well. It's a pretty fun framework to get something out quickly, even for someone who has no clue how to properly code a game.



  • F - Toggle Fullscreen
  • Enter - Play Game

In Game

  • Left/A - Left
  • Right/D - Right
  • Space - Ping
  • P - Pause


  • Esc - Exit

Install instructions

Windows and OSX files provided in the download. I don't have any way to test the windows one currently but hopefully it's working.

Alternatively, if you have Love2d installed you can use it with the source code: https://github.com/pjsim/blip


blip_osx.zip 17 MB
blip_windows_32.zip 8 MB

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